New Background Check Information

New Background Check Requirements

Last week we received information from MSDE that the new fingerprinting and background check procedures have started and there are several things you should know:

ALL child care providers not printed in the previous five (5) years need to be fingerprinted NOW.

Providers printed within the last five (5) years please follow the schedule posted on the MSDE website. (The link is at the end of this article.)

Providers printed on or after September 22, 2017 do not need to do anything.Providers who currently reside outside the state of Maryland, or have lived outside the state at any time in the last five (5) years must have:

  1. a search of the State criminal and sex offender registry in the State where the provider resides and each State where the provider has resided for the past five years;
  2. a search of the State child abuse and neglect registry in the State where the provider resides and each State where the provider has resided for the past five years;
  3. a search of the National Crime Information Center;
  4. a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint check using the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System; and
  5. a search of the National Sex Offender Registry.

For more information regarding the background check process in other states click here:

This new system has been mandated to better ensure the safety of children and youth participating in child care.  The system addresses gaps in the previous background check process and will do a better job of preventing persons with a criminal history of abuse, neglect, or related crimes from working with children and youth.  We understand  this process is expensive and time-consuming, but the ultimate goal is to keep predatory criminals away from children and it’s hard to argue with that.

MSDE will reimburse the cost of fingerprinting if receipts are submitted along with the proper documentation by the stated deadlines.  Please carefully read the instructions included in the link below so that you will be able to recover these funds for your program.

We will keep you updated on this process through our Facebook page and website as new information becomes available.  If you have questions, or if issues arise, let us know and we will help in any way we can.  You may also email TJ Bennett at

Here is a link to the latest information on the MSDE website.  Please check back weekly for updates: