New Name and Bright Future!

For twenty-one years you have known us as the Maryland School-Age Child Care Alliance, or simply MSACCA. Over time the profession has grown, things have changed, and afterschool has become so much more than child care. With all that has happened, we figured we needed a change too!

At our statewide conference on October 1, 2016 we announced our new name and revealed the new logo. ¬†We are now called the Maryland AfterSchool Association (MdAA). Our new logo reflects both our commitment to school-age professionals and our Maryland pride. By removing the words “child care” from our name, we hope that ALL persons serving children and youth during out-of-school hours will feel welcome in our organization.

We remain your state affiliate of the National AfterSchool Association and will continue to keep you connected to information and resources to help you be a better professional.

Our website and facebook pages will undergo some changes over the next few weeks in order to reflect our new identity and goals.  Please check back often to see what is new!