Updates on Reimbursement for Fingerprinting

Do not submit any documentation via email or fax unless we have contacted you to request it. We are only accepting submissions via regular mail.  
We recently discovered that our stacks of paperwork somehow became mingled and some of you may have received your submission packet back for corrections when corrections were not necessary.  
If you believe this has happened to you – first – please accept my deepest apologies.  Second – send me an email with a phone number where I can reach you and I will help you go through the package to determine if it was one of those misplaced submissions, or if you need to make corrections. (It may take up to three days to get a response from me, but I promise you will get one.) 
Please be aware that we continue to have a backlog but that we are working our way through it and are almost caught up.  This may mean that even if you submitted your request in late November/December (when the backlog started), your package may still get returned for corrections.   Our accounts payable office, and the General Accounting Division in Annapolis, made changes to the way the reimbursement requests were being processed.  This resulted in the requirement that the only invoice we can accept is the one dated January 24, 2018, available on our website.
cannot apologize to you enough and I know it.  I understand the frustrations some of you have expressed in your emails and in the voice mail messages I have received.  I would be just as frustrated if I were in your position.  Please continue to be patient with us – this is new to us too, and we are still learning and making corrections to our internal procedures to make this go more smoothly for everyone.
Please also be aware that this requirement is because of the 2014 Reauthorization of the Child Care Development Block Grant at the federal level.  Child care providers nationwide must adhere to the new fingerprinting requirement.  Maryland decided we would reimburse our provider community because we knew this would be a hardship for many.  There have been problems with the process on our side, and from the provider community side, but by working together, we can make the process more efficient and less stressful for everyone.  
You can do your part to help by visiting our website (http://earlychildhood.marylandpublicschools.org/fingerprinting) to ensure you have all of the latest information before submitting your requests.  The website is the only timely method we have of getting out any new information to everyone and that is why we keep reminding everyone to visit it.  
Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
Here is some information you may find helpful:

1.       A proper submission includes:

a.       One  completed W-9.  For a center this means one for your organization.  Family providers will submit one in the name of the registered provider.  Visit the website for more detailed information on how to complete the W-9 correctly.)   Make sure to sign and date it.

b.      Receipts that show the dollar amount paid to get printed and that are dated on or after September 21, 2017.

c.      The invoice from our website – dated January 24, 2018 – signed and dated.  Complete all fields on the invoice.  The name of the file is BILLING STATEMENT FOR FINGERPRINTING REIMBURSEMENT and it is located near the bottom of the page.